The New Creation Assembly for All Nations is a word based and spirit filled church. Our mission is to raise and empower leaders to influence their generation & impact our world

To mentor men and women in the faith, fortifying them with the word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit being transformed to discover their purpose in life and become maximally effective while walking in it

The Mission Knowing God intimately, vibrant fellowship with God and Man, appreciate and treasure one another as we are transformed by his power, becoming the light of life, a salt in the community with a resonating voice in the community, occupying till he returns through spirit guided teaching, evangelism, equipping the saints, discipleship and contemporary relevance to the community

Our burning desire is to help everyone to become transformed, matured and encouraged to effectively deploy their gifts to serve the Living God and Mankind

  1. Intimacy with God – A place to know God intimately through Vibrant Worship, intense fellowship fortified through studying the word of God, holy living and vibrant prayer of life.
  2. For all Nations – The NECAN would be a place where everyone including the needy, the confused, depressed, the desolate and the frustrated would find true love of Christ, acceptance, encouragement, guidance, peace, hope through our Lord Jesus Christ. NECAN shall be an exciting sanctuary for all nations, where race, colour, biological gender would not hinder anyone from giving and receiving love in fellowship.
  3. Fellowship- The NECAN shall be a spirit filled contemporary church, a house of praise, worship, prayer and a citadel for the word, operating in the power of the holy spirit as we celebrate and express the love of our God through worship and prayers.
  4. Highly treasured – Experience the warmth of belonging whatever your personality, knowing that you are deeply appreciated and highly treasured.
  5. Transformed – As we walk together with love of Christ to identify, develop and deploy the gifts of God in your life with a view to walking in your destiny and shining the glorious light of our Lord Jesus Christ in our community. We aim to nurture, teach, train, equip and enhance and disciple believers for the God ordained purpose for their life.
  6. Equipping – Our delight is in equipping you for your specific ministry by helping you to discover, develop and deploy those gifts and skills the Lord God had deposited in you with a view to maximally harnessing your gifting, ultimately becoming discipled in your calling.
  7. Relevant church – As we become the Light of Life, as we shine the glorious light of Christ in the community and provides solutions to problems or answer specific needs in the community.
  8. Respected voice – A contemporary church with an evangelistic outlook, illuminating and impacting our community with light of Christ loving, giving, sharing, holy living and integrity, this becoming a respected voice in the community.
  9. Evangelical church – Passionate for lost souls. We are determined to reach non believing, non church going people with good news. We have a strong commitment to share the unending love and power of Christ with Millions of People in the U.K. and the world at large.
  10. Strong Family Values – Whose men ate passionate for the word of God, courteous and considerate to their wives, children and neighbours. Also a place where women of excellent virtues are raised. Together raising children that are free in spirit, confident and well behaved.
  11. Singles & Youth – A church with an empowering singles ministry and a vibrant youth ministry where men and ladies are fervent lovers of God, achiever, flying high in spheres of life, preparing to raise a young army for the Lord.
  12. Going for Gold – A prosperous church identity holder gifts, supporting business ventures, supporting careers and developing every business potential of every willing member. I pray the Lord bless you and support you in Jesus Mighty Name!  Amen.
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